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Q: I noticed the location displayed is incorrect. Why is that?
A: Some tools might not accurately detect the location of our proxies or has old database which was not updated for years. For the most accurate location information regarding our proxies, please use IP Checker ProxyWing for Datacenter Proxies

Q: How to check if it's ISP or Not?
A: It's easy! Navigate to IP Checker ProxyWing and check "connection" sign. It should say type: ISP

Q: How do i purchase 35 proxies?
A: If you want to purchase 35 proxies or may be 75 proxies: Just add 25 and 10 proxies or 50 and 25 proxies products!

Q: What is "premium ISP"?
A: By "premium ISP," we refer to high-quality proxies provided by reliable and vetted ISP. These proxies offer highest speeds and a most stable connection.

Q: What does "unlimited traffic" mean?
A: It means that you can use the proxy as much as you need without any limitations regarding the amount of data transmitted or received.

Q: How do i renew my proxies?
A: Enter Client Area , click "Manage" and Pay Invoice. Or Enter Client Area, press "Services", find your service, click on it and press Pay Invoice on right upper corner.

Q: What proxies you have?
A: We have ISP, Residential, Mobile and Datacenter proxies. Read more info about types of proxies here

Q: My Proxy Plan Expired, Can I restore My Old List?
A: Unfortunately if your proxy list expires, it is not possible for us to recover your old list.

Q: Do You Offer An Affiliate Program?
A: For more info about affiliate program, Please read here

Q: How do i test proxies?
A: Just use our branded proxy tester!

Q: What does "0 fraud score" mean? 
A: This guarantees that the ISP proxies we provide are absolutely "clean" and was never used for spam attacks or banned elsewhere. 

Q: Which Proxies do you offer IPv4 or IPv6?
A: We offer only IPv4.

Q: What plans do you offer?
A: We offer Monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months plans.

Q: Can I get a refund for the services?
A: Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for proxies and servers as they are digital goods. If there was a mistake on our part, we will replace the service or credit the funds to your account balance.

Q: What protocols do you support?
A: We support both HTTP/SOCKS5 protocol. SOCKS5 can be put automatically in client area, just press "Edit" button, press GENERATE NEW PASSWORD and submit.

Q: How quickly will I get access to the proxy after purchase?
A: After completing the purchase and payment, access to the proxy is typically provided within a 15 minutes, rarely 30 minutes. Time depends on speed of blockchain confirmations. 

Q: Why do i need proxies?
A: Proxies are a necessity for any bot or tool when scraping or trying to purchase something from a website. Proxies allow you to run more tasks, decrease the odds of being banned, and have a faster connection to most websites. A proxy essentially makes you look like a new person for each task you run. Running 100-1000 tasks gives you 100-1000x the power to do any task you would normally attempt to do in your own browser.

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