ISP (Internet Service Provider) proxies ( and Data Center (DC) proxies ( are two main types of proxy servers available for use, but they have significant differences.

ISP proxies are proxy servers that are provided and maintained by real Internet Service Providers. Specifically, we use premium ISPs like Deutsche Telekom, Colt Technologies, Virgin Media, and Northern Cable. These proxies are more reliable and harder to detect as they use real IPs from ISPs, making them ideal for many purposes like web scraping, automated access to information, bypassing internet censorship blocks and filters. They represent real residential or mobile IPs, not server IPs.

Data Center proxies, on the other hand, are provided by large corporations and hosting providers and are located in data centers. They are typically faster than ISP proxies and offer greater bandwidth, but they are also easier to detect and block, especially on websites that have strict anti-bot security measures, as they use IP addresses associated with servers, not residential or mobile users.

In general, the choice between ISP and data center proxies depends on your specific needs. If you need higher anonymity and reliability, ISP proxies might be the better choice. If, however, you need high speed and larger bandwidth, data center proxies may be the ideal solution.

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